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Class of 2016 Scholarship Recipients!

Your Alumni Association's $1,000 scholarship is awarded each year to one boy and one girl based on financial need, volunteerism and leadership in both the community and to AHHS. 

The AHHS Class of 2016 Alumni Association Scholarship Recipients

Your Alumni Association is now taking applications for the 2015-2016 scholarships. We will be announcing the winners in May. 


(We have awarded scholarships every year since our beginnings. Unfortunately all of these are not reflected on our site at this time. We are currently researching these at this time.)


Meet Our 2016 Scholarship Recipients!

Your Alumni Association's $1,000 scholarship is awarded each year to one boy and one girl based on financial need, volunteerism and leadership in both the community and to AHHS.

The AHHS Class of 2016 Alumni Association Scholarship Recipients

Your Alumni Association is now taking applications for the 2015-2016 scholarships. We will be announcing the winners in May. 

(We have awarded scholarships every year since our beginnings. Unfortunately all of these are not reflected on our site at this time. We are currently researching these at this time.)


2012 AHHS Alumni Association Scholarship Recipients 

Brandy Harrison

Brandy Harrison, 2012 AHHS Alumni Assoc. Scholarship Recipient
Brandy has earned many academic awards while at Heights, including Yellow Jacket Scholar and Radio Shack Scholar for the last four years.  She has been a National Honor Society recipient for two years and she served on the student council for four years. Brandy’s GPA is 4.2273 and she ranks 38th of the 365 students in her graduating class. She also received a $2,000 Top Ten Scholarship from Scholarship Experts.

Brandy’s teacher recommendation demonstrates she is motivated to learn and that she will bring positive energy to her chosen university by demonstrating an energetic personality that is both magnetic and inspiring.

While at Heights, Brandy was on the varsity cheer squad and she also participated in the school’s exceptional dance program. She was selected to be in the Homecoming Court of 2011.

Brandy has been very involved with Young Life, Fellowship for Christian Athletes, and various cheer camps for the last four years. She also volunteered for the Special Olympics and the homeless center.

This bright and talented young woman plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin, where she plans to study public relations, business, or sports journalism.  Her goal is to become a sports commentator or to have her own beauty brand business.


Daniel Turner

Daniel Turner, 2012 AHHS Alumni Assoc. Scholarship Recipient

Daniel is a three-year member of the National Honor Society.  He led the Heights marching band as drum major for two years and is a four-year member of the varsity wrestling team, serving as co-captain in his senior year.  He currently ranks 16th in his weight class for the state of Texas.

Daniel is an exemplary student leader. His many responsibilities as drum major included planning, preparing and executing duties to ensure that all marching band members were performance ready. His work began very early in the heat of August and lasted until the football season was over.

A member of the Lay ministry for his church, Daniel began volunteering from an early age, ministering by providing food and clothing and painting fences at Benbrook Lake and the local homeless shelter.  In addition, at 6 a.m. each day for the last four years he has dutifully attended an hour-long religion studies graduate class. Daniel also serves his church as a member of the choir.

Daniel has demonstrated leadership in athletics and academics while balancing many extracurricular activities. He is in the process of obtaining Eagle Scout status; his project has required more than 115 hours of combined service to date.

According to his teacher recommendation, Daniel not only is a leader, he is a very social and outgoing individual. This enables him to make new and lasting relationships with his peers.

Daniel is also a very hands-on worker, and his experience includes various construction jobs including landscaping, painting and plumbing.

Daniel plans to study mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University in the fall.


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AHHS Alumni Association   
Donations to the AHHS Alumni Association may be made by mailing a payment or paying online.  You can download and print the Scholarship Endowment Donation Form (PDF format) and mail it with your check or money order to AHHS Alumni Association; 6387-B Camp Bowie Blvd, No 267; Fort Worth, TX 76116.  If you are donating to the Operating Fund, you can use that same form.  Or, pay online (using a secure website).  For questions and comments, please contact and we will be happy to provide additional information.
Scholarship Fund The AHHS Alumni Association awards 2 scholarships per year of $1,000 each.  Information about donating to the Scholarship Fund in any amount and about donating specific $1,000 scholarships is available by contacting the AHHS Alumni Association Scholarship Chairman,   
 Operating Fund The AHHS Alumni Association Operating Fund is separate from the Scholarship Fund and your generous donations and membership fees keep our Association in business. Donations are tax-deductible.    

Arlington Heights High School     
As you might expect, budget cuts have greatly affected funds available to AHHS.  As part of your own personal Planned Giving, or as a donation from your Reunion, or as a way to say "Thank You" to AHHS, please consider fulfilling the requests below.  You can certainly contribute toward a specific item if you would like to assist with a request.  Donations of any size are welcome.  You never know what difference you can make as your generosity ripples beyond the actual items on this list and affects individual students.
Please note on your check to AHHS which organization and item you are supporting.  (Checks made payable to AHHS can be sent to the following:  AHHS; c/o Jason Oliver, Principal; 4501 West Freeway; Fort Worth, TX 76107)   For more information, call 817-815-1000.    


 New school marquee                                                                     approx. $15,000-$25,000 more

 Arboretum of native Texas plants                                                 to be determined (tbd)
 New flags and banners                                                                  @$85-$133, including installation;
                                                                                                             coordinate with AHHS Class of 1971,
 Greenery around school, especially in the front                                            tbd
 Oak tree saving and maintenance                                                                   tbd
 AHHS Medallion for the foyer floor                                             approx. $2,000-$7,000 more                                                                                                                    coordinate with AHHS Class of 1965,

 AED machines (portable defibrillators)-                                                          @$1,500    
 needed for off campus activities, field trips, etc.
 Teacher Recognition Fund - used throughout the year                                   $1,000 

 Specific Faculty Requests - Programs and Departments:    
 FFA (Future Farmers of America)   
 FFA Jackets                                                                                                                    $60
 Lamb                                                                                                                              $400
 Goat                                                                                                                                $300 
 Steer                                                                                                                            $2,000 
 Defibrillator for Barn                                                                                                 $1,500

 After School Program   
 Freedom Writers Novels                                                                                              $100
 Freedom Writers Teacher's Guide                                                                               $20 

 AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)  
 AVID is a program for first generation college students to help them integrate
successfully into college.  It is a basic study skills course, but also there
are components of note-taking, requirements for advanced classes, etc.  
 AVID College Visit Costs                                                                                              $100

 Furniture for Library Bistro   
 Couch                                                                                                                                $300
 Bistro Table and Chairs                                                                                                  $150 

 Dance Department   
 CD Player                                                                                                                           $100

 Sheet Music                                                                                                                        $100

Art Department

Raising program funds by selling wood-block mounted                                    @$100                                                     1936 AHHS doorknobs that were rescued during school      contact AHHS, 817-815-1000          renovation. Buy a piece of history!


Meet Our 2011 Scholarship Recipients!

Your Alumni Association's $1,000 scholarship is awarded each year to one boy and one girl based on financial need, volunteerism and leadership in both the community and to AHHS. 

2011 AHHS Alumni Association Scholarship Recipients 

Chandler Marie Corbielle

Chandler was a Varsity cheerleader for 2 years. She was voted unanimously by her peers to be the captain of the varsity squad in 2011. Her Spirit of Texas All-Star Cheerleading Team won 7 National Cheerleading Association titles. Chandler created most of the choreography and taught her peers. Other organizations that Chandler has been involved with include Kanakuk Kamp where she was voted Kanakuk Kickapoo Princess for her leadership. She received the "I'm Third" award, the highest award at the camp. She has been a member of K-Life, Young Life and Fellowship for Christian Athletes. 

Besides competitive cheerleading and cheering for Heights, she was on the swim team and the Heights Performing Arts Dance program.

She won an award in Chemistry for maintaining the highest average among the entire 10th grade class.  Her GPA was 3.72 and she was ranked 93rd in her class.  She received a University Interscholastic League (UIL) Prose award in both 10th and 11th grades.   

Chandler has a natural calling for being a leader. She volunteered as a student assistant with special needs students at Heights. She has assisted with classroom activities and field trips. She was the student aid for the special education L.I.N.C. (Loving in Natural Community) class at Heights for 2 years.  Her dream is to one day create an organization that would involve a  special needs cheerleading team for kids and a sports camp for special needs children.

Chandler has worked with Special Olympics, Tarrant County Food Bank, Young Life, Fellowship for Christian Athletes, Race for the Cure, Cheer for the Cure, Habitat for Humanity, attended mission trips and has been babysitting for several families as well as starting and running her own photography business for the past 3 years.

In yet another volunteer opportunity, she raised money and purchased and packaged items for Christmas gifts for Haitian orphans for the past 4 years.

Chandler will be attending The University of Oklahoma this fall. She has already been selected to be a cheerleader.  She will major in Special Education.

Robert “Paxton” Martin

Paxton was a National Honor Society recipient and received merit scholarships from 3 universities. He received the FWISD Superintendent's Award, was a Radio Shack Scholar, was a Yellow Jacket scholar and received a Gold Medal in the University Interscholastic League (UIL) competition for Literary Criticism.   
He was nominated for Student Leadership to attend Texas Boys State in 2010.  He received an award from Fellowshipof Christian Athletes as well as the Governor James S. Hogg Memorial Scholarship.  His GPA was 4.59 and he ranked 14th out of 414 in his class. His teacher recommendation praised his assets of leadership, motivation and his ability to help.  A letter of recommendation from the Director of Kids Who Care said that Paxton's greatest quality is his personal integrity.

He was a student staff member of Kid Power where he served as Treasurer. In addition, he was a member of the AHHS Link Crew Leader, assisting freshman in their transitions into high school.

Paxton volunteered his time with Kids Who Care, performing over 160 hours of community service.  He is currently on the Board of Directors and is employed at Kids Who Care. His recommendation from the Founding Director of Kids Who Care was outstanding.
She listed each team that he served on and mentioned his personal accomplishments and wonderful artistic skills.  She mentioned that Paxton has worked for KWC for 12 years.  He is committed and dedicated.
His application is filled with personal accomplishments academically, artistically and through athletics. Paxton also volunteered with Special Olympics and was an Acolyte and Lector in his church.
Paxton plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin. He will be in the School of Undergraduate Studies and plans to add Engineering to his list of accomplishments.


Maintaining Our Records

Carefully and Lovingly Maintaining Our Records
by Sherrill Gerard

Meet Judy (Berryman) McCombs, AHHS Class of ’62.  Judy puts her organizational skills and passion for historical information to work collecting and documenting news of the passings of Heights alumni.  Judy began helping out by doing data entry when the Association first organized, took on the job of Data Base Manager, then “kept the easy job” of Obituary Manager as the amount of data coming in grew and the task of data management became too much for one person.  The Association maintains a database of AHHS graduates from 1922 to 2010. She reads the obituaries daily. Today, most deaths are reported by email. Judy verifies graduation year and other information before adding entries to the database and website.  “When the first organization entered the lists for the classes it was for reunion purposes and no one thought to include their deceased lists. So that really evolved and continues to this day. I now have the obits--from the papers, programs from actual funerals that are sent in, emails with the news, letters, notes from phone calls, and whole page news reports in binders.”

The most surprising inquiry came from a man who wanted to know who had reported his death. “I assured him I just LOVED hearing his voice.”  It was determined the source was a former spouse.  This episode resulted in a new rule…Verify First.  “I get letters from parents who request that their child be put in their class year although they died before graduation. My class lost nine classmates in one twelve-month period. There are times it can be very overwhelming dealing with this…but I know it is very important for future generations. It has been a fun labor-intensive organizing effort that takes just a few minutes every few days to enter.  It is the easiest job and you get the satisfaction of presenting accurate information and interacting with other alumni.”

We exchanged some Q & A:

AHHS Alumni: How do you keep track of everybody?

Judy:  First and foremost is to get it correct! Verify, verify, verify. I still have some pending before I will add them to the database or remove them.

(If you wish to report a death of an alumnus, provide as many details as possible—especially including class year, city and state where he/she passed, or mail a copy of the actual obituary.)

AHHS Alumni: Do your lists include alumni prior to the first class to graduate from the 1936 building?

Judy:  One good historian finally gave me the correct dates for AHHS vs. Stripling. It was Arlington Heights High School from 1922 through spring graduation of 1927. From the fall of 1927 through graduation 1937, it was in the current Stripling Middle School building and called Stripling High School.  Back to Arlington Heights in the fall of 1937 and in the building we all know and love through today. (The data base goes back to 1922.)

AHHS Alumni:  How can the alumni assist you?

Judy: I want to thank all who are diligent in reporting obits daily from the papers or personal news. I would like to have a list of every class Data Keeper…the one person who keeps up with addresses and such who will notify me if they learn of an obituary.  I would love to have a young assistant-in-training to pass this torch onto in the future so I can retire knowing the web posting and binders will be continued for future generations.”

Judy is married to Pat McCombs (AHHS Class of ’58) and lives in the country outside Aledo.

They have two married children, four grandchildren, and a yellow lab named Vera Carp.